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Watera International


17 Aug, 2018

Company Profile

Watera International is part of a Multinational Group of companies with extended International activity.   The Group is present in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa providing solutions that cover a wide range of water treatment needs and requirements by developing advanced quality systems and solutions and implementing innovative technologies.

Watera’s main assets are its highly knowledgeable and skilled engineering and technical staff and its vertically integrated manufacturing capability. This capability rests with its production facilities located in Europe, specifically designed and equipped for the manufacture of water treatment systems. These facilities have a total production floor area in excess of 6.000 m2 and a total floor area including warehousing and office space in excess of 12.000 m2. In addition, a network of long-term strategic relationships with some of the most prominent international water treatment-related component manufacturers and a unique water treatment system automation research and development center also contribute to their strong position in the international water treatment market.

Large municipalities and small communities have used Watera’s systems to satisfy their requirements in drinkable water by treating available supplies of unsuitable fresh water or seawater. Thermal electric power plants and refineries, petrochemical, metal processing and coating, food, soft drink and liquor industries, textile, dying, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, rely on Watera’s expertise for satisfying their needs of suitable water for use in either products or processes. Hotels and resorts ensure the quality of water supplied to their guests by using Watera’s water treatment equipment.

Over the years, more and more organizations place their trust in Watera’s experience to provide them with the water they need from the water they have. From large scale industrial applications and municipal water works to small scale water treatment systems, Watera International can make the difference.

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