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Watera International Disinfection


17 Aug, 2018


Chemical dosing pumps

Watera offers a complete range of electromagnetic dosing pumps.  These pumps operate continuously or are triggered by an on/off digital signal or as a function of an on/off free contactor by a pulse-emitting device respectively.  Also, Watera offers a complete range of analogue dosing pumps that allow for proportional dosing by means of a 4-20 mA input signal generated by a pulse-emitting device or a sensor.

Dosing Pumps

UV irradiation

Watera’s UV disinfection systems are engineered for a broad range of applications. Ultraviolet light (UV) is an increasingly popular means for the disinfection of water. The fluid treated with sterilization systems is exposed to light of specifically designed low pressure mercury lamps. The light emitted from these lamps is concentrated (90%) into the luminescent spectrum around the 254 Nm wavelength to destroy or inactivate, by appropriate dosage, microorganisms (airborne liquid and surface bacteria, virus, yeast and molds). The UV-C light emitted by these lamps penetrate the cellular wall of microorganisms, damages irreversibly the genetic heritage contained into DNA and prevents from reproduction. A broad range of UV models is available for numerous different applications.

Uv Irradiation

Watera-int Technologies Disinfection