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Watera International Reverse Osmosis


17 Aug, 2018

Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis technology takes advantage of a natural process based on the physical property of certain semi-permeable membranes to separate water from the substances dissolved in it. By applying appropriate pressure, water forced through the membrane separates into pure water (permeate) and concentrated water (reject). Moreover, this technology also provides an excellent defense against micro-pollutants, pesticides, pyrogenics, viruses and bacteria that may also be found in the water. The Reverse Osmosis technology is applied to treat both brackish as well as seawater. 


Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water

Reverse Osmosis for brackish water

Watera’s brackish water treatment units are available for a wide range of capacities and are fully equipped with all appropriate instrumentation for easy operation and control.

Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water

Reverse Osmosis for sea water

For arid areas in close proximity to the sea, Watera’s sea water RO units offer a reliable alternative for municipalities, communities, manufacturing and power plants, resorts and other potential users to cover their needs in fresh sweet properly-treated water. Watera’s systems encompass the most recent innovations in membrane and energy recovery technologies which combined with Watera engineers’ experience and know-how, ensure a long-life and an optimized running cost. In both cases, a proprietary PLC based automation & control software, built into each unit, allows for remote monitoring of all the critical parameters and control of the unit.

Reverse Osmosis Sea Water

Watera-int Technologies Reverse Osmosis